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Where to start? Should I first prove to you what a fanatic I am? In the ten years I've been driving, I've owned the following models (usually more than one at a time):

I promise I have only been unfaithful twice, once a BMW and once a Volvo. As I write this, I am trying to sell the two Benzes I have to buy a 190 series and a late sixties 280 SL. Wish me luck! Now, does that qualify me as a fanatic?


Max's ode to honour the one's he loves!

The first Mercedes I owned at the age of 16, was a Finnie. I still remember the car fondly, as it reliably saw me through University.  You may wish to read a bit about old Finnies on my Finnie Page.

When I had finished my first post-graduate degree, I bought myself a 1962 220SE coupé.  This was another beautiful vehicle.  My Finnie page includes an ode to the two door versions as well. 


Once I arrived to Canada, I needed my dose of Mercedes 2 door again.  When I eventually sold my 220SE coupé, I bought myself a 280SL.  Here is my ode to the great Pagoda, arguably one of the most beautifully designed cars ever built.



A few Other Mercedes pages of honour

  Another great one is the new SLK. Here's an ode to the SLK.
  I have a 123. What's a 123 you ask? Well here's your answer! Check out Kay's 123 Page
  Perhaps you like the older ones; like Roundies for example?
  Could one have a list of honourable pages without honouring the fastest four door cars of the 60s and 70s? The great M100 page
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