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Maxwell Winchester's Mercedes Benz Parts Page!

This page is divided into parts types, so you can find the list of parts suppliers that most suit you. Most of the following parts suppliers listed are listed because a) They mostly deal in genuine or OEM parts; b) They ship parts to you; c) they are generally not Mercedes Dealers and therefore tend to charge you less like a wounded bull; and d) may I point out again that no commercial interests are in this page! This is information only and I can take no responsibility for the service these people give you.

For new genuine or OEM parts:

  • DaimlerChrysler AG support the Mercedes Benz Oldtimer Centre , well worth a look. Parts are a bit expensive, but if you can't find it anywhere else these guys will make it from original dies.
  • In San Diego CA, you'll come across Europarts OEM.
  • In Carlsbad, CA are Hoehn Motors
  • You may wish to try European Discount Spares, useful if you're in Canada or the States.
  • Derrick Wells Mercedes Benz. They specialise in 1960-85 models.
  • Smothers Parts International Inc..
  • RBM are in Atlanta, GA.
  • In Ancorage, AL you'll find A & B Auto. (oh baby it's cold outside?)
  • Mercantile Europarts are in Miami, FL. Incase you are calling from Québec, ils parlez l'français aussi! (not to mention Spanish too).
  • Well, who knows where these guys are, but I couldn't resist but put this place in with a name like The Benz Bin!
  • Finally the Canuck's get a go, Weber Motors Limited of Edmonton, Alberta
  • For remanufactured parts:

  • If you have an older two door Benz like me, and don't really want to pay what they're asking for body parts, you can't go past checking out K&K Manufacturing Incorporated. It's a family business based in Michigan.
  • For second-hand parts:

  • Mercedes Spares and Service Australia now have a homepage. They're a great bunch, good mates with the local Mercedes Benz Clubs and have lots of interesting and rare bits.
  • After market accessories:

  • Capitol West sell an interesting array of stuff at what appears to be reasonable prices; including: antennaes, chrome wheel arch moulds and euro headlights (so the Americans can replace those ridiculous looking sealed beam units!)
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